Are B2B companies underestimating the power of Digital Marketing?

Aanya Khanna
2 min readJul 4, 2020
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While many of us have seen that digital marketing is a thriving industry and has now become a necessity for companies to reach their targeted audience, many B2B companies still underestimate its power. Well, I am here to bust the myth and talk you through the importance of digital marketing, specifically for B2B companies.

While digital marketing has been opening doors for companies to pursue endless opportunities, companies in the B2B industry often wonder as to whether digital marketing is worth their investment. From a company’s point of view, it is a massive possibility to think that their efforts may not have an enormous impact due to the nature of their target customers. This is where many B2B companies often go wrong as they ignore the fact that with the increasing prevalence of social networking, clients are progressively turning out to companies which can carry out digitisation and boost their growth. Regardless of whether your company is on social media or not, your audience is online and are having conversations about you and your industry. While not all businesses can implement a digital marketing strategy in the same way, digital marketing still involves building buyer personas and identifying the customer’s needs to create content that resonates with them.

So what exactly does Digital Marketing has to offer to a B2B firm?

A digital marketing strategy is an excellent way to enable client connection through a multitude of channels. With its consumer participation procedure and ability to hold a two-way conversation, companies can build and foster relationships with potential customers. Digital marketing becomes a powerful tool to share a company’s brand story and illustrate the firm’s authenticity and its enthusiasm. While these may hold true for a B2C firm as well, what makes digital marketing essential for a B2B firm is the fact that more than half of the buyers in the B2B industry are between 18 to 34 years who regularly use digital platforms when making a business decision. With the changing demographics of the B2B sector, any brand that is serious about its success will understand the importance it carries to use digital marketing in order to enhance growth and increase visibility.

Thus, digital marketing is crucial for a company’s overall marketing plan as these strategies have the power to produce influential results including reaching a targeted audience and increasing your chances of discovery by potential clients (visibility).

Unless you don’t want to miss out on the endless opportunities that digital marketing has to offer for your company, get going and start building an empire.



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