No, I haven’t paraphrased content from other blogs. This comes from my personal experience.

How I learnt that “Not every company will fit into your marketing template”.

Learn why our go-to marketing channels are not giving us enough ROI as we expect.

“ Not every company will fit into your marketing template”.

Meaning? Simple.

All I had to do was, ask myself two things- What are my priorities? And what strategies should I ruthlessly prioritize to get this done?

Well, coming back to the point, we’ve all somewhere in our journey acknowledged the fact that most of our marketing channels, including content marketing such as blogs, podcasts, etc. are no more the differentiators in the market. They’ve become a necessity to survive.

So, wait what exactly am I suggesting?

I am suggesting that we all as professionals keep pitching these ideas to our companies and clients, but often we forget that the key is timing. The key is to understand your customer’s journey, their buyer behaviour and then customizing your strategies in a way that allows you to impact different touchpoints of your customer’s journey. This is when you’ll be able to drive ROI.

Acknowledge the fact that each company is different and so is their customer.

Each customer journey will be different. The key is to create an impact on those as many times as possible to cut through the clutter and really create an impression in their mind.

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